The Brief

We’ll ask you a few thought provoking and goal oriented questions then create a road map for the project. Your road map (aka "the Brief") will also include a production schedule where together we'll set deadlines for each milestone.

The Visual Sitemap

Once we have gathered all of the information necessary we’ll create a visual sitemap. Here you can see quickly what the website structure will be. Adjusting key pages and navigation elements is rather simple at this point.

Here’s a real client example.

The Design

The brass tacks! Colors and graphics are introduced in this phase based on your company brand style guide. The project will start to come to life at this point. This is also where we get your approval on the design in order to begin the website development phase. 

The Development

This is where we roll up our sleeves and begin working on the foundation, functionality and structural pieces of your site. 

The Pre-Launch Walk Through

Once the website is coded and the design is fully set to life, we’ll give you a working walk-through. Together we will test forms/systems and will flag any missing content. You’ll need to gather your final edits and deliver them before the next phase.

The Launch

In this exciting step we'll launch your new website to the world.

We also provide training on your new website and 30 days of support. Now, that is awesome!