Our Travel Cooking Interview & The Backpacker Chef Cookbook

Our Travel Cooking Interview & The Backpacker Chef Cookbook

If you know us, you know we LOVE to EAT!

Traveling and eating just go well together. In fact that’s a large part of why we can’t get enough of new places. We’re addicted to experiencing bizarre foods, nostalgic tastes and regional curiosities . However, did you know we enjoy cooking at home too? Our home being the small motorhome kitchen we travel with as well as the kitchen’s of our friends and families.

Seattle. Japon Dog.Fresh Cracklins' in the Bayou
Shrimp Boil with Friends in Florida
Homemade Corndogs with Maria
Sausage at Market
Old favorites in lil' Rhody

Yup, from making espresso to homemade pasta sauces, cheddar biscuits, cookies, drinks and more… we don’t let the tiny size of our mobile kitchen, or not being in our own kitchen even, stop us from cooking up something yummy with our friends and family coast to coast.

Step inside this travel cooking tip sharing interview with author, traveler and chef, Jacqui Treagus, and yours truly- as we chat about travel cooking.

Check out our entertaining interview with Roaming Cooking.com: 

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I’m quoted on the back cover of the print edition “The Backpacker Chef’ cookbook!

After the interview, Jacqui so enjoyed one of my lines, “handier then a pocket on a shirt…” (admittedly borrowed from my Aunt!) that she quoted me on the back of the print edition of “The Backpacker Chef.”


It will give new cooks more confidence and it will make those of you with some skill over the heat, a better prepared traveling chef.

This travel sized gem is a must have for backpackers, boondockers, campers and motorhome travelers alike.

It’s my pleasure to lend a hand (and a quote) to Jacqui in spreading the word  about this great travel cooking cookbook by being an affiliate.

Share good food –  Click here to visit Roaming Cooking and buy the cookbook for your travels!

Buy The Backpacker Chef Cookbook!

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