The New iOS7: Its Love At First Sight But, This Couple Is Only Half Committed

The New iOS7: Its Love At First Sight But, This Couple Is Only Half Committed

Are you an early adopter of new software or the wait and see type?

In this matrimony, we happily represent one of each. Dennis is the early adopter type and me, well, I like to let the kinks shake out a bit before making my move. But just as we thought we had ourselves figured out, in a parallel world, Dennis can’t drive anywhere without mapped directions and I (Jeanette) thrive on getting lost.

Either way, our opposite ends surely attract. Even with the debate of “to download on day one or not,” we can report that having a scout in both camps, for now has its perks.

Speaking of camping, the day of the download reminded me of those people who camp out on icy sidewalks for Star Wars tickets or upfront seats to a boy band concert. Those same folks are now standing in virtual lines, waiting on server errors and long download times to be right on the bleeding edge of fandom.


So, yes, like millions of other dedicated nerds on Wednesday, Dennis hovered over that progress bar for roughly 3 hours while the new iOS7 was beamed to our location. This was the price to pay to be at the front of the line, one of first to see, touch, and use Apple’s new iOS7 software.

To give the new interface a proper first date, we got out from behind our computer screens and hit the mean streets of Lakehead, CA, where we’re currently camping out. A few skate trick videos, some tree photos and even a sneaky couple of shots of my mom’s notorious Elvis shrine and alas … we have some outtakes of our first date with the new iOS7 to share with you.

I must say, visually I’m intrigued with the new iOS7. I like the graphics– a lot. These photos are mine (using my iOS6) to lurk on the new eye candy in Dennis’ mitts.NewiOS7-PhotoInterface-Trees

Having both iOS6 and iOS7 in-hand for instant comparison made our half-committed, new love affair risky business – oh, I’m very tempted.

This morning,  I grabbed for my  iOS6 iPhone and instantly turned my lip up to the sight of my has-been icons and non-dynamic wallpaper. I only used Dennis’ iOS7  for just a moment yesterday and look at me, my stance is wavering, I want it.


A Few New iOS7  Features We’re Stoked On

Camera Features

We both love filters!  Our favorite new iOS7 photo filter is “ Chrome.“ Another new infatuation is combining filters. I took the “Noir “ filter from the new camera in all its black and white beauty and brought it into Instagram where I then applied the “Toaster” filter. Sexy, right?


See iOS7 Filters Option on a Black & White Photo


Seeing iOS7 Filter Options on a Color Photo


Oh and this gem that seems to be still under the radar… If you push and hold down the side volume button, you’ll get a series of rapid-fire, snap shots. Watch out, cheaters.



Sending Multiple Photos At One Time

No more selecting one photo at a time when instant messaging or emailing someone a slew of your awesome takes! This is a super cool new feature with an added print button and slideshow option. Sweet stuff.

Air Drop Goes Mobile

We work together and already use this features on our laptops, so the addition is welcomed. Yes, we also IM each other while in the same room. However, until I get the new iOS7, this date feature for us, will be dead in the water as it doesn’t connect with the laptops.

The Automatic App Updating

Although it can be turned off, as thrifty-data folks, we were not too stoked to find this happening in the background. It can surely be a helpful feature for those with always on, unlimited connections though.

The Next Morning

For those of you still hanging out with gel graphics and unfiltered rectangular photos, I’m still with you, at least for a few weeks longer or until I’m forced (haha) to upgrade to a white iPhone 5S.


And yes, a bug has already been discovered. It seems as though one can bypass the lock screen through the control center.

It looks like Apple is working on it and you can protect yourself by turning off control center access from your lock screen.

So, if you’re reading this and looking for a clear answer as to if you should upgrade to iOS7 or not, sorry, we suck at match making. BUT, really what do you have to lose? It’s like getting a new phone without paying for one!

And come on guys, you know  you can’t find true love sitting on your couch…well maybe you can? Anyhow, do let us know if you fall in love.


Because Dennis (aka @snagbird) is a kick flip connoisseur, you can also enjoy a quick snippet of one the videos we took while navigating around the new iOS7 interface. Click to watch his textbook, kick flip.


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  1. Sweet – Dennis and thanks…think I will go download now!

  2. Of course I will now install 07. You have convinced me totally! You have a writing skill that is just awesome!
    You go Girl!

  3. Guys, I just did it, I barely made it a week. Envy is evil!! So, yes I’m Loving the new iOS7, still. The graphics are way cool-simple-fresh… although I’m hearing via FB a lot of people don’t like’m… yet!


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