WordPress Template Customization for Membership Website

Our roaming friends and colleagues over at Two Steps Beyond built a wonderful resource website called, “RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.” Built using a WordPress template, this website required a few extra customizations to fit their unique user needs and their desired vision.

We were tasked with a homepage and a blog template redesign. The homepage required an area that would highlight blog posts as the author posts them, simple straight forward “Call To Action” buttons and hierarchical content origination. The blog news section required an area for the Top Stories and Latest News above the standard chronological post structure.

This was done by using icons, clearly blocked sections of content, and developing a custom section for new, category specific, blog posts.  After completing the WordPress template customizations, this moderate sized project delivered big impact.

Additionally, we also help maintain 2SB’s monthly WordPress maintenance requirements on an ongoing basis. They have their hands full keeping up with all the latest mobile technology; our services help their website stay up-to-date and ready to deliver their cutting edge information. Their monthly service includes plug in updates, core WordPress updates, troubleshooting software conflicts, managing hack attempts and more.