Elegant Responsive Florist Website

Keeping your website up-to-date over the years is crucial. Natalie, owner of the Floral Palette understands that as technology advances so should her web presence. We’ve built and maintained her floral website since 2009. As a long time client of ours, website upgrades include switching her first static website to the WordPress platform, updating the previous WordPress website to a responsive design and adding a secure form for her custom bouquet orders.

We started by creating a refreshed brand guide to gain a more “handmade” feel to her online store. Then, we chose a responsive WordPress template we could begin with to create a customized WordPress website to fit her needs. The elegant responsive florist website that emerged is both easy to use and inspired by the natural beauty that Natalie delivers to her clients every day. Most notably, Natalie is keeping up with her clients expectations both online and offline with her elegant mobile friendly website complementing her beautiful Rancho Sante Fe flower shop.