Book Cover Design & Technical Diagram Illustrations

Book Cover Design & Technical Diagram Illustrations

Staying connected on the road has never been easier thanks to the brilliant authors, Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia. Their book, “The Mobile Internet Handbook,” is in the 2nd version for U.S. RVers. The 2014 make over received a fun, approachable new cover, added chapters, a rewrite and over seven new technical diagram illustrations.

The Book Cover Design

The challenge for us was to create a book cover design for this technical handbook and make it tangible to their audience. It needed to invite the novice mobile internet user inside for a closer look and to reflect the already easy to use handbook contents. And let’s face it, with the ever-changing technology available, users of all technical abilities will be taping this resource (we sure did!).

Choosing to use primary colors was deliberate. They’re basic, tangible and well, primary! However, the slight shift in hue expanded the appeal and added a slightly more sophisticated edge.

The silhouetted imagery of landscapes, cityscapes, clouds, campers, RVs, trailers and a wee sailboat illustrate the story of travel. Achieving a mobile internet connection allows us to travel and work simultaneously. (Did you know this is how we live and work?)

The Infinity Road Symbol

The authors knew that a symbol to define the goal of this book and this techology movement, was necessary. It needed to say, connection, travel, mobile, and internet all at once. It would need to be easily recognizable, quickly understood and wearable.

The infinity road symbol was born. It graces “The Mobile Internet Handbook” cover, (The books resource center) and t-shirts, too!

Technical Diagram Illustrations

Inside the book, the design sensibility remained; simple, tangible and fun! So, it was a blast to create these retro tech mash-up illustrations for the techy diagrams used. One dimensional icons of laptops, smart devices, Airstreams and buildings were created to tell the visual story of getting and staying connected. Understanding information architecture was key in the success of these fun and informative diagrams.

Job Info

All hand drawn icons, illustrations, and cover art using a Wacom tablet, MacBook Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Also, big kudos to the people at for the Actions used to make the 3-D book cover art here.

The results of this Book Cover Design & The Technical Diagram Illustrations speak for themselves, we hope you agree! Contact Jeanette for your Book Cover Design and Illustration needs.

This is AWESOME. Clean. Simple. Fun. Multiple meanings. Conveys exactly what we were going for in a way that I couldn't have even conjured up an image in my mind for a week ago.

Cherie Ve Ard, Two Steps Beyond &