I’m Dennis Vieira aka The WordPress Mechanic

I offer advanced project assistance for web designers & agencies.

As web professionals, we’ve all been victims of scope creep, broken code, hacks, and quickly approaching deadlines. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable and willing front end developer in your arsenal of contacts?

My name is Dennis Vieira and I help designers complete websites, troubleshoot code conflicts, and optimize the front end of web development projects. To enhance your client service offerings, I bring 15+ years of front end development coding experience to your talent pool. Dedicated designers can expect an equivalent work ethic and attention to detail on projects.

Creating an efficient work environment with low overhead allows me to offer flexibility and a fair shop rate. I will help keep your projects on track and your clients happy, all while staying within budget. 

Let’s connect about making your front end development easier. Email me directly or contact me now via my social links.

Front End Development Experience & Skills

Request Immediate Assistance

Most requests take under 2 hours and are completed in 48 hours or less. Shop rate is $110/per hr. Use this quick, one page request form for immediate assistance.